Scholarship Reminder! We Want to Hear Your Story

We want to hear your story. No really, we do! If you’re writing up your scholarship application and feel like you’re typing too much, I want you to know that you most likely aren’t typing enough. 

In order to choose a scholarship winner we have to know everything we can about your project, it has to come alive for us and your story needs to be told through your words, video, and photos. The more details you give us, the more we can see what your project is, what it’s done for your community, and most importantly, what it means to you. 

When reading applications, we can tell which students completed the checklist to qualify for the scholarship to help their community in some way, and the students really took time out of their lives to serve, help, and literally build a better community. If your passion is in your project, let that show in your application! Tell us why it’s personally important to you and how it’s impacted your life, as well as your peers and community members. 

We want to hear it all, we really do. Tell us your story! 

Our email is also always open to any questions you may have or guidance needed during the process.

You can see more about the scholarship requirements by downloading our checklist here.

For more information on the scholarship, head here.

For our 2023 final submission link, head here.

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