Scholarship Reminder! The Scholarship is DUE

Scholarship reminder! The scholarship is DUE! There are four more days (from the time this was posted) until all applications need to be finished and submitted. Our application closes May 28, 2023, 11:59 pm MST. 

Our submission form is closed down and does not take submissions after the deadline has passed, so get your application in before this time. Each year we have one or two individuals that send us an email letting us know that they were working on their final submission but didn’t get it in on time, and ask if they can still submit. Sadly, the answer is always no. To be fair to everyone, we set a deadline and hold true to this deadline. 

So gather all of your work and get everything submitted! 

Our email is also always open to any questions you may have or guidance needed during the process, even after your project has been submitted. 

You can see more about the scholarship requirements by downloading our checklist here.

For more information on the scholarship, head here.

For our 2023 final submission link, head here.

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