Enneagram In Education: Type Two

This is part of a series using enneagram in education. For more information on why enneagram in education, refer to this post.

Enneagram type 2, the helper, or the giver. 

A few words to describe this type: 

People Pleaser. 
Emotional Connection. 
Aware of Others. 

Let’s pull this into a classroom setting. If you’re an enneagram type two, you are in the heart of the group work. Constantly trying to work with peers and help them achieve the same academic greatness that you strive for. You often act differently in individual classes based on your teacher’s personality type or preference, because your goal is to aim to please. Role models in your desired profession are your driving force to continue in your education. 

How to get the most out of your education as a type two. 

  • Make personal connections with peers and teachers.  
  • As well as personal connections with your schoolwork. 
  • Be careful in group work not to take responsibility for all of the assignments, spread it evenly among peers. 
  • If possible, choose smaller, more personal classroom settings. 
  • Realize that your grades are not a personal reflection of what a teacher thinks about you. 
  • Remember to meet your own needs before you can meet others’. 

“[Two’s are] Encouraging and appreciative, able to see the good in others. Service is important, but takes care of self too: they are nurturing, generous, and giving—a truly loving person.

– The Enneagram Institute 

Type 2’s go to type 4 in growth and type 8 in stress. 

Are you a type 2? What is important for you to have a successful learning environment? 

Cover photo: The Enneagram Institute 

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