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As I’ve spent time this week trying to take care of some blogging technical difficulties, my thoughts have turned to re-reflect on why I do what I do here. So I wanted to share the introduction that I’ll be sharing with new blog subscribers:

“Are you the teacher that’s always asking questions? Constantly searching out better ways to reach your students? Daily taking risks in your learning alongside your young learners? If you’re here, probably.

My hope is that through reading and sharing and reflecting as a global professional learning community, we can in turn bring our students closer to a more personalized and meaningful education. I hope you’ll drop us a comment from time to time so that we can learn together — sharing what has (and has not) worked for you and your students.

I want to finish this little introduction by sharing a powerful video that reminds me that we don’t even know how far our students will go, if only we’re willing to help them ask questions, search out better ways, and take risks.

Looking forward to learning together!
Mary Wade”

featured image: DeathToTheStockPhoto

4 Replies to “New Here?”

  1. I am a questioning teacher who recognises the power in encouraging children to maintain their curiosity and ask questions. Your introduction to new subscribers is great, and the message of the video, powerful. Well done.

    1. Thanks so much, Norah! For whatever reason, blog updates hadn’t been going to my subscribers! I hope they remembered they subscribed in the first place now that they’re finally getting emails! 🙂

  2. Teachers who wake up thinking about this, who know great souls are occcupying the seats in the room – THEY are to be celebrated! Teachers who above all else honor their students greatly enough to risk failure, to model asking for forgiveness, to innovate.
    I applaud and appreciate your contributions to our society. And I cherish the teacher who wrote this article.

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