Feature Friday: Bobbie Murphy

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Today’s Feature Friday is highlighting Bobbie Murphy, a sixth-grade teacher in Utah. Bobbie says that her favorite part of teaching sixth-grade is that “I can have a personality with them. I love that I can share the things I like, and I can relate to them in more realistic ways.” Here’s what Bobbie has for us today:

What is one of your favorite ways to utilize technology in the classroom? 

“I love to use Digital Escape rooms, and I am super excited because I should be getting an Apple TV soon which will help me to not be tied to my cords to teach.”

How have you integrated the arts into your core curriculum? 

“I love to allow my students time to create using various supplies, or to plan activities where they can be creative like creating a shield during medieval times unit or to create something that would prevent an ice cream sandwich from melting.”

If you could recommend one children’s book, what would it be and why? 

“One of my most favorite books to read to my students is Out of my Mind. This book teaches students that they need to be more inclusive of others because the main character has a disability.”

What do you wish someone would have told you in your first year teaching? 

“I wish they would have told me how much I would grow to LOVE my students, and that I would be so incredibly exhausted for the first few weeks of school.”

What are the benefits you’ve seen in collaborating with your team of teachers? 

“When we truly collaborate with each other our teaching becomes easier because we are working together for the good of our entire grade. We use each other’s ideas to help individual students and our students as a whole.”

How do you use student voice in your classroom and what outcomes have you seen from it? 

“In my classroom, students help create the rules of our classroom which always come back to my ONE rule, do not interfere with others learning. In the classroom, I have a jar that says, “What I wish my teacher knew…” Students can place a note in the jar any time they need to talk with me in a private way. Students find that they can have opinions about things and that I will listen/ read each one, privately and I will respond as appropriate to their concerns.  I feel that if students trust me with the little things they will trust me with the big things too!”

Thanks Bobbie for taking time to answer some questions for us! She had some great things to share with us on what it looks like to be an educator. Come back for our Feature Friday next week to hear from a 4th-grade Utah teacher! 

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