Enneagram In Education: Type Three

This is part of a series using enneagram in education. For more information on why enneagram in education, refer to this post.

Enneagram type 3, the performer, or the achiever. 

A few words to describe this type: 





Hard Working. 



Let’s pull this into a classroom setting. If you’re an enneagram type three, you’re the charmer of the class. Obtaining the highest achievement is your ultimate goal, and merely speaking of plans and “what-ifs” can drive you crazy, jumping into action is what you would rather be doing. As you speak with your peers it can be fast-paced and exciting if it’s an assignment you are particularly steered towards. You work well in groups, yet you are constantly driven by fear that you’ll fail, whether it’s in your peer’s eyes, or if your classmates will be the reason you fail an assignment. 

How to get the most out of your education as a type three. 

  • Find ways for praise- be open with your teachers about your need for feedback. 
  • Choose a career path you are passionate about. 
  • Hands-on school work is ideal. 
  • Find how certain topics of study can be applied to your real life. 
  • Be patient with peers that may not be as energetic and driven as you may be. 

“Threes are often successful and well liked because, of all the types, they most believe in themselves and in developing their talents and capacities.”

– The Enneagram Institute 

Type 3’s go to type 6 in growth and type 9 in stress. 

Are you a type 3? What is important for you to have a successful learning environment? 

Cover photo: The Enneagram Institute 

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