Bloopers I & Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

Having all this fun is hard! Check out the Behind The Scenes: Bloopers FIRST EDITION and keep reading for more on how we make the videos here at Honors Grad U:

First things first: we write the scripts. We have a list of ideas that we pull from and learn as much as we can on the topic. Then, we write a brief script on the subject and upload it to our teleprompter software. We set up our lights and sound in our faux studio (our official one won’t be up until October), then go through the scripts a little at a time, to make sure we have great takes–then we wrap and it goes to be edited.

It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to edit a video, depending on how long the video is, and how many graphics we add. When the videos are done, we post them to YouTube. With every video comes a blog post, which we try to include more information than the video so you aren’t just reading a transcript of what we say.

Sometimes filming one five-minute video can take an hour! What happens with all that extra footage? Well, Bloopers are born!

The videos filmed to get these bloopers:

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Life of a Star
  3. US Civil Rights Movement
  4. Book Clubs (History and the HGU Book Club!)
  5. Words & Phrases you’re saying wrong
  6. Introduction to the Metric System
  7. Similes & Metaphors
  8. The Ancient Philosophers

Featured image: Eko Priyanto Lo

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