Top Online Games for Upper Elementary Students

Whether you are looking for games to add to your class blog or to your class computer bookmarks menu, we have compiled ranked lists based on games most visited and praised by 5th graders over several years!  All the games are free and kid tested.  Be sure to check out other ways to improve your classroom blog here(All links last checked for safety and functionality on July 29, 2016).


Category: Art

Thisissand#1: This Is Sand

Students love the genius simplicity of creating art with digital, multi-colored sand.


StopFrameAnimator#2: Stop Frame Animator

A user-friendly layout for animating a wooden man with interesting backgrounds and props! (note: now requires registration, but it is still free–we recommend you register with one teacher account and share the login with students).

iNudge#3: ToneMatrix (formerly known as iNudge)

Discover your inner musician simply by placing cubes that are strummed almost like a digital music box.  Add drums to open a virtual sound board–and a whole new set of complex sounds and tinkering!.

Zefrank String Spin#4: Zefrank String Spin

Pick a color, draw a few “strings,” and create digital artwork as you watch the strings rotate!

Flame Painter#5: Flame Painter

This may satisfy your pyromaniacs as they safely play with graceful, flame-like digital art.


Crayola#6: Crayola Coloring

Artists can adjust all the Crayola mediums, colors, and tip sizes, and print when they’re done!


Category: Puzzles, Logic

Solid Edge Game#1: Solid Edge Game

Fantastic for all your hands-on tinkerers and engineers!.

Rush Hour#2: Rush Hour

Move the red car out of the traffic jam with as few moves as possible..


#Flabby Physics3: Flabby Physics

Bounce a ball off objects of varying shapes and sizes on each level.

Category: Math

Math Lines#1: ABCya Math Lines

A customizable math game that helps students practice math facts.


BBC Legend of Dick and Dom#2: BBC Legend of Dick & Dom

Students practice factors and multiples amid witty and silly videos following a storyline with Dick and Dom.

Math Playground#3: Math Playground

This site is filled with various math games on many different concepts..


Fraction Four#4: Fraction Four

This digital game of Connect 4 includes a timer as students practice fractions, percents, and decimals.



#5: Factortris

The classic game of Tetris has been redesigned to help students practice factors and multiples!.

 Category: Science

Benjamin Franklin Lightning#1: Benjamin Franklin Lightning Games

This interactive and informative website helps students digitally perform the kite experiment, as well as design an effective lightning rod..

National Geog#2: National Geographic Interactive Lightning

Find out what makes lightning more or less likely to strike a house, tree, car or person with this interactive tool!.

Volcano Explorer#3: Volcano Explorer

Students build their own volcanoes and watch them erupt based on various volcanic elements they select..


Landform Detective#4: Landform Detective

This high-quality site by National Geographic allows students to inquire and discover how long landforms take to form, and what processes create different types. (seriously, this is one of my fifth graders’ favorites!!).

Zooborns#5: Zooborns

A blog filled with pictures of baby animals in zoos around the world.  Really, who can resist?.


San Diego Zoo#6: San Diego Zoo’s Kid Site

The San Diego Zoo has provided games to help students learn more about animals and to just have fun!


Category: Plain Fun and Interesting!

McDonalds Game#1: McDonald’s Game

Students explore every step involved in creating each McDonald’s in this game!.


Word Cloud#2: Word Cloud Maker

Especially if your students keep blogs, they love copying and pasting their content, transforming it into attractive word clouds!.

Rice#3: Freerice

Students can actually help feed the world when they play this game! (includes categories in literature, languages anatomy, SAT prep, and more!).


Harry Potter Games#4: Scholastic’s Harry Potter Games

Your Harry Potter fans will love chasing away dementors, creating magical creatures, and more!


CBC Games

#5: CBC Games

This website is packed with games that strike the perfect balance of challenge and fun!


Scholastic I Spy

#6: Scholastic’s I Spy

Students can zoom in to spy various items, just like the books!


Same Game

#7: The Same Game

Clear as many spheres on the board as possible by clicking on matching colors.


Bouncy Balls

#8: Bouncy Balls

Not only does this delight students to make the balls bounce with mouse clicks or sounds, but also to choose from various modes including Emoji, Bubbles, and Eyeball (Oh, and teachers, with the microphone, this also has potential as classroom management noise-level tool–or even just use the eyeballs during your next Halloween party!).

Disney XD Games

#9: Disney XD Games

This site offers games based on the Disney channel!.



Featured Image: Christian Schnettelker


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