The Financial Responsibility of #GoingGreek

Joining a sorority or fraternity comes with one big thing that often gets overlooked and sometimes comes as a surprise to a lot of new recruits during rush week, and that is finances. There are a lot of fees and dues when it comes to joining a Greek house and it’s important to know what your upfront and yearly costs will look like before committing so that you aren’t surprised later. 

Each school and each organization will have its own fees, so it is best to do your own research on the specific houses you are looking into. This is typically information they will cover during Rush Week as well. However, here is a quick overview of fees or charges you may see. 

New member fees

Initiation fees

Chapter or house dues- annually

Social dues- for social events

National dues- paid to the national headquarters of your organization

Semester dues

Rent- if living within the household 

Fines- which could be for anything from damages done to your room/the house, to missing an event or meeting 

Georgia Southern University posted this table to their website for all students looking into Greek life, this is just one of the examples you may see when it comes to the financial responsibility you hold as a fraternity or sorority member. Typically the bigger university you attend with higher tuition rates, the higher Greek fees will be as well.

Should all of this financial responsibility deter you from joining? No! But it is something to be aware of. Especially because these fees are on top of your college tuition and fees.

A few places you can turn to for help: 

Parents/family members 

Scholarships- both in and out of your University or organization

Financial aid- Loans and grants. Some organizations offer them, as well as applying directly from the government through FAFSA. 

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