Inquiry Into Learner Profiles: Inquirer

This is part of a series of inquiry-based provocations for essential elements of the PYP and the Learner Profile. For more, click here.

This week’s provocation centers around what it means to be an inquirer.

Resource #1: Raccoon & the Light via The Kid Should See This

Resource #2: A Mini, Magnetic, All-Terrain Robot via The Kid Should See This

Resource #3: SOAR by Alyce Tzue

Resource #4: Going Fishing Stop Motion by Guldies via The Kid Should See This

Resource #5: Claymates by Dev Petty 

Resource #6: Beyond the Pond by Joseph Kuefler 

Provocation Questions:

  • What is the connection between being an inquirer and asking questions?
  • What are some of the obstacles we face in being inquirers?
  • What is the connection between being an inquirer and creativity?
  • Why is being an inquirer important for our individual lives and careers?
  • Why is being an inquirer important for our societies?
  • What does it mean to be an inquirer?
  • What is our responsibility to be inquirers?
  • How can you know you are being an inquirer through the learning process?

featured image: DeathToTheStockPhoto

4 Replies to “Inquiry Into Learner Profiles: Inquirer”

  1. This is really thoughtful and useful. Thanks so much for thinking and collating these. Shall definitely give some of these a try ?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, by Graeme! I’m glad you find this a useful curation–I certainly enjoy gathering these resources each week as I work to create an archive for my own future students, as well as for other teachers’ students around the world!

  2. Thanks for all these resources Mary! We are working through the learner profile in grade 2 to come up with shared definitions to display and your lists of resources have been so helpful!
    For our inquiry into being an inquirer, we also watched part of Michael Stevens’ TED talk ‘Why do we ask questions?’ and watched some his Vsauce video like this one
    We discussed the value of asking questions, even if they might be impossible to answer, as they may lead to other questions and understandings.

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