Classroom Christmas Party Games: Free Cakewalk Printable

There are a lot of teachers who have support from parents and volunteers to help with Christmas parties, and that is incredible! What an amazing resource to have in the classroom.

But for those teachers who are doing the majority of the party planning on their own, let me help you out with a FREE printable for an easy cakewalk game that you can host in your classroom for your Christmas party. Or, use it for the school’s Christmas party! Need it for a family Christmas party? It works for that, too!

A cakewalk is fairly simple to orchestrate, especially if you’re familiar with musical chairs. Tape down on the floor ~20 numbers. This amount can change based on what your needs are for the group you’re serving. Not every number needs to be filled, but each individual needs a number.

Start up some festive music and everyone starts walking in a circle. Decide beforehand if you’re starting clockwise or counter-clockwise. If the music suddenly switches, switch directions! Once the music has stopped, everyone stands on the number they landed on.

A number is drawn randomly and whoever is on this number receives the prize for the round. Traditionally the prize is a cake… hence the name a cakewalk. However, any prizes are acceptable! It’s also handy to have consolation prizes for those who participated but didn’t win, such as a sticker or a small piece of small candy.

Here is the download for the FREE cakewalk printable including numbers to tape to the ground and smaller numbers to cut out and draw for winners. Enjoy!

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