Best Charities That Support Education

It’s always difficult to know where to send your money when you’re donating to a charity. For me, I’m always worried that too little of my money goes to the actual cause. I did some research and the top 3 charities for education-based efforts are:

  • Teach For America, a well known charity that works to make sure children who grow up in poorer circumstances get a good education. They also give 82% towards their cause.
  • Books For Africa, a clear-cut charity that requires only $0.50 to send a book to an African child.
  • Pratham is an Indian-based charity that provides education to impoverished children in India. They are one of the only education blogs rated worthy by hard-to-please

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2 Replies to “Best Charities That Support Education”

  1. I am not sure if this communication quite fits your work, however I do not know where to look to find help for my daughter.
    I am looking for help for my daughter who is in the process of a career change and needs a computer to learn website design. She has been unable to work in her profession as a Rolfer since spring when hands on healing offices were closed in Denver,CO due to COVID19.
    She has been accepted to a school and is diligent in her learning, but her computer has too little memory to manage the needs of her training.
    We, her family, have given all we can find toward her tuition fees, as well as basic living expenses while she spends 60 hours/week on class work, but another $2000 for a computer that has the capacity required to keep up with the load needed for her online training is beyond what we are capable of.
    I realize $2000 is both a small amount and yet a huge amount if resources are already stretched and income throughout our family continues to be limited as we wade through this ongoing pandemic.
    Please, If you have any idea of where I can look for support in this let me know.
    Thank you sincerely for your time and help.
    Gale Loveitt

    1. Hi Gale! Maybe you could reach out to your daughter’s college directly and see if they have any grants or scholarships she could apply for in order to purchase a computer? Good luck to you and your daughter in your honest endeavors!

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