10 Signs Brene Brown’s Work Has Reached A Teacher

Odds are, you’ve probably heard of Brene Brown. You may have watched one of her TED-Talks. You may have even read one or more of her books, like Daring Greatly or The Gifts of Imperfection.

If you’re like me, it’s all of the above. But I’ve noticed that lately, there seems to be more and more of us, especially in the education field. I hear phrases, read blog posts, and have conversations that make me feel sure that the scope of her work is becoming more widespread. Here are a few signs that make me think so…

  1. They model daring and taking risks. (they don’t just teach their students to do so, but are right there “in the arena” with them).
  2. They share their “real” selves with their students.
  3. They sit on the same side of the table as their students.
  4. They consciously work to “see” their students, rather than looking first at scores, assessments, and behavior notes from previous teachers; they value human connection above impersonal statistics.
  5. They tell themselves that they are enough for their students, despite their limitations and imperfections (and realize that their limitations and imperfections are the very things that help them connect best with their students).
  6. They regularly use the terms, “authenticity,” “vulnerability,” and “worthiness.”
  7. They may have a printout or two from Brene Brown’s books and website posted in their room.
  8. They maintain healthy boundaries.
  9. They are compassionate with themselves and their students.
  10. The see overlap when it comes to the entire concept of personal authenticity with authentic learning (ie, opportunities for authentic reading choices, authentic writing audiences, authentic math application…).

I am proud to be part of this growing tribe, not just because I feel emotionally healthier, but because I feel better equipped to connect with my students than I used to.

featured image: Gina Lee Kim

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