The Last Digital Fast Finisher You’ll Ever Need

Have you ever played with Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button?  Well, you should–and so should your students who are looking for inspiration or a challenge (especially if they feel they are always “done”).


I’m feeling PLAYFUL: Doodles

Google, I'm feeling playful

Did you know you can go back and play with some of those fantastic interactive Google illustrations that periodically show up on their home page (aka, Doodles)?  Since they’re all archived in Doodles, you and your students can gain a serious crash course in anthropology as you explore!

I’m feeling GENEROUS: OneToday

Google, I'm feeling generous 1

OneToday displays an array of humanitarian causes, along with a simple donation medium. And while we certainly don’t suggest you encourage your students to financially endorse the projects, it can introduce them to some important issues.  It also serves as an excellent example of how we can use technology to reach out to one another across the globe.  Perhaps it could even inspire some service learning projects!

I’m feeling WONDERFUL:  Cultural Institute

Google, I'm feeling wonderful

“The Cultural Institute is an effort to make important cultural material available and accessible to everyone and to digitally preserve it to educate and inspire future generations.”  Here, students can explore collections in World Wonders, Historic Moments, and Art Project.  P.S. There’s even a section specifically for educators where lesson plans, presentation material, a quiz maker, and more are available.

I’m feeling STELLAR: Reflection Nebula Search

Google, I'm feeling stellar

Who doesn’t love browsing breath-taking pictures of galaxies? The “I’m feeling stellar” button takes users to new awe-inspiring searches of the universe each day, which are sure to spark further inquiry and interest.

I’m feeling puzzled: A Google A Day

Google, I'm feeling puzzled

Warning: this one is definitely a challenge!  This daily trivia game presents a 3 part puzzle, each with a max points potential.  The longer you take, the more points you lose.  Plus, their list of tips and tricks gives pointers on making better searches, which is a win-win when it comes to online research instruction!

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