Tri Delta’s Women of Achievement: A Story We All Need To Hear

tri delta women of achievement story

Have you heard of Tri Delta’s women of achievement? Each year Tri Delta spotlights women of achievement. This year, their women of 2021 were incredibly exceptional women that absolutely deserved the spotlight. 

Tri Delta put a spotlight on Kara Barnett, Duke, Carol Hallett, Oregon, and Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne, Pennsylvania. Each woman came from a predominantly male background in fields of study but is paving the way to show women power. 

Kara Barnett is an arts leader, innovator, and producer. Tri Delta made this statement about her-

“Kara Medoff Barnett was appointed Executive Director of American Ballet Theatre, America’s National Ballet Company, in February 2016 following nearly nine years as a senior executive at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. At ABT, Barnett has advanced innovation and inclusion, supporting a robust slate of new productions and increasing diversity in the training pipeline. Since 2016, the Company has performed in Paris, Muscat, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Singapore and Hong Kong, bringing extraordinary art to audiences worldwide.”

Tri Delta Organization

Carol Hallett is an aviation industry leader, trusted advisor, and elected official. Tri Delta commented this on Carol: 

“Carol serves as counselor to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She served for eight years as president and CEO of the Air Transport Association of America (now Airlines for America or “A4A”), which represents the chief executive officers of U.S. and foreign flag airline and cargo carriers. Following 9/11, Carol helped craft and pass legislation to save the domestic aviation industry from bankruptcy and took the lead in the redesign of airline security policies and practices. She was twice named to “The Business Travel Industry’s 25 Most Influential Executives.” Her areas of expertise include international trade and commercial aviation issues.”

Tri Delta Organization

Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne is noted as a changemaker, investor, and champion. Tri Delta states,

“With more than 30 years of Wall Street, technology, philanthropy, training and professional speaking experience, she is unique in her global experience and knowledge and one among few African American women to start a venture capital firm. Gayle is a highly sought-out content expert in matters of innovation, tech trends, finance, investing and entrepreneurship. She also works with groups to demystify how to invest wisely and with impact.”

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You can read Tri Delta’s full story on their 2021 women of achievement here. 

#GoGreek Interview: Mariah Woodford

#gogreek interview: Mariah Woodford

Welcome to our #GoGreek series! This blog series focuses on interviewing past and present members of sororities and fraternities. We are able to learn more about their experiences and ask them questions to help others learn more about the Greek world, bust stigmas, and find out if Greek life is right for you. Check out all of our #GoGreek interviews here.

Today we are interviewing Mariah Woodford, alumni of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. 

Mariah wanted to be a part of Tri Delta specifically because she felt connected to the women in this organization and also felt drawn to their philanthropy. She originally joined because she saw posters for recruitment her Freshman year and decided to give it a shot just to try to make more friends and be involved with events on campus, even if she didn’t end up joining. She and her roommate both ended up joining two different sororities! 

What was your philanthropy and what effect did serving this philanthropy have on your life?

“Our philanthropy was St. Jude. It was such a fun and fulfilling philanthropy to be a part of. I truly felt and believed we were helping such a great cause and made a difference. The hospital actually has a building next to it called “Tri Delta Place” where families of St. Jude have a place to stay so that they don’t have to move or relocate while they are going through such a tough thing that childhood cancer brings. Being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, service is something we always try to focus on. Being able to raise money for St. Jude was a great way to serve people and in this case, children who absolutely need all of the love and service they can get. Even though I have graduated and my sorority days are long behind me, I never miss the opportunity when presented to me to give to St. Jude.”

What was your favorite part about being in a fraternity or sorority?

“My favorite part was being able to grow amazing friendships and truly just have so much fun. It definitely made my college experience so much better. I also really appreciated that as a house, we stressed the importance of our academics. Living in the house, there was always someone that was either in your class, had taken your class, knew someone in your class, etc. that could help you when you needed it.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to or is about to enter a sorority or fraternity?

“Joining a sorority is a big decision, but it was one of the best decisions I made when I went to college. There are so many amazing things within Greek life that from the outside you would never see or know until you join. Be true to yourself and who you are, and you will find the house that best fits you.”

Mariah also comments that her time in her sorority also helped boost her resume by the ability to network and add in leadership positions in multiple ways. 

A Spotlight on Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta)

a spotlight on delta delta delta sorority

Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) was created by two women at Boston University who saw a need for a different form of a sorority, even though there were already three women’s groups on campus. They set out to start an organization that was more inclusive of everyone and looks at a person more on what’s inside than their physical appearance. 

Their founders are Sarah Ida Shaw, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, Florence Isabelle Stewart, and Isabel Morgan Breed. Photos from

Tri Delta’s purpose is “to promote and develop mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities where the Fraternity has established chapters, to develop qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women.” (

Their philanthropy is to treat and defeat childhood cancer. They’ve partnered with St. Jude and over the years have raised more than $75 million in support of them! Tri Delta also has a scholarship program in place for both undergrad and graduate school students.