This Teen’s Solution to the Lack of Recycling and Composting: How She’s Making a Difference

There’s no doubt that our world can always use more recycling and composting! However, sometimes it can be hard to get these practices implemented. A high school student in Minnesota is taking matters into her own hands by getting composting and recycling into her community. She writes, 

“An increasing number of businesses are investigating compost and recycling methods in regard to waste management in their establishments. Thus far, only a handful have actually implemented such methods. The sad truth is that not enough people care about the environment due to a lack of education in their upbringing.”

“To solve this problem, we can target what they do care about. We can emphasize the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the implementation of composting and recycling on public property. If more restaurants, parks, stores, and trails had more easily accessible environmentally-friendly waste management, the public would be able to properly dispose of their trash in an appropriate manner. I am working to provide compost and recycling bins in public facilities. I am also working to educate citizens on how to properly dispose of their waste and take care of our planet. To accomplish this I’ve been making educational videos, telling friends and family about the project, and making time to speak with officials.” 

Her story is still unfolding and has so much potential to make a big difference to the people around her. We are excited for her final scholarship submission to see where this project takes her.