Worst (or best) Senior Pranks

Depending on how you look at it, involving police and causing your prom to get cancelled could either be the signs of an epic or terrible senior prank. Below are the lists of Senior pranksters that decided to go big, or go home:

1. In Ohio, the school administration cancelled prom after the students decided to have a giant water balloon fight during lunch. Apparently, some of the teachers found out and tried to stop it by threatening the cancellation of prom, citing safety concerns. Turns out, they all decided to risk the punishment despite the teachers’ warnings and made the cafeteria a splash zone.

2. The privileged Brentwood, Californian high school students decided to spray paint a lamb, tie it to a pole, steal school banners, and dump washable paint on the ground. Seemingly harmless, and not near our top pranksters, these students were forbidden from walking at their own graduation.

3. Fillmore, California high school students decided to go through the rigorous effort of breaking into classrooms. After severely damaging the locks, they were arrested and sent to jail, with their bail set at $10,000 each.

4. In Maryland, a teenager was arrested after ordering 150 crickets online, then breaking into his school to release them in the hallways.

5. A farmtown in Kansas got the bright idea to fill the halls of their high school with hay bales. It was easy and perfectly-pranky, but then a certain troublemaker decided to take it to the next level and douse the hay in a large amount of skunk spray. All students involved were arrested.

We here at Honors Grad U do not recommend any of the above senior pranks, but for kind, non-destructive ideas, maybe hire a Mariachi Band to follow your principal for the day, like West Linn High Schoolers in Oregon.

What do you think, did the punishments fit the crime, or did the administration go a little overboard?


Featured Image: Matt Reinbold

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