My #OneWord2024

Mary wrote about her experience with #OneWord each year, you can see all of her previous posts here: 

I’ve always felt that the #oneword movement was intriguing and worth pursuing, but never pushed myself beyond the observation aspect of the idea and into the action. This year, I’ve decided is my year. I’ve been pondering for a few weeks now what my #OneWord2024 should be, with Mary’s past posts guiding my way. 


It felt right for me for this year. 

Connect with my kids. With my spouse.

Connect with friends, old and new. 

Connect with community members. 

Connect with myself. 

Connect with my wants and needs.

Connect with the wants and needs of others. 

This year, I’ll be focusing my time and energy on connection instead of writing out my New Year’s resolutions. I can already tell it will be more productive and useful by using this method. 

What is your #OneWord2024? Still brainstorming? Here are a handful of ideas: 

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