Fall and Halloween Themed Crafts and Activities For All Ages

Being a teacher during Halloween is a whole new ball game, especially if you’re teaching in an elementary setting. If you’re needing crafts and activities to get you through these next few weeks before the big day, here’s a quick list of some, with all different age ranges, difficulties, and times. 

Our personal favorite, but one that can take a lot of time and work, is a giant tape-resistant spider web art. It can be a great individual activity on a smaller scale or a few bigger, collaborative pieces for the whole class. This activity originates from Busy Toddler. 

There’s always your classic bowling with pumpkins activity. The pins can be anything from plastic pins found online or two-liter recycled bottles. As long as a small pumpkin is being used to knock them over, that’s all that matters! 

Investigating pumpkins is always a great activity as well. This can be as open-ended or guided as needed for your class, but opening, discovering, touching, squishing, sorting, and smelling each part of a pumpkin can be such a great hands-on activity. 

A good old-fashioned vinegar and baking soda reaction with a touch of green or purple food coloring can make a great witches brew. 

A great Halloween craft to talk about and learn more about anatomy is making a skeleton out of q-tips. 

photo from mombrite.com

Simple seek n find or color pages are easy to download (legally!) and use this time of the year. 

For the younger kids, washing pumpkins is a great sensory activity. 

To see a great list of Halloween/Fall-themed books, head here. 

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