The Importance of Arts In Schools

When schools are running out of money and need to cut funding, the first place they generally go is the Arts. The reason is probably because administrators generally see the practical applications of arts programs to be less useful than traditional topics, but what are the consequences of cutting arts programs?

A youth magazine did a study of what students have had to experience based on recent funding cuts to their school. One of the questions on their survey questioned what the students were required to pay during their last two years at school. The data collected shows that perhaps small budget burdens could be spread more to students and their families to allow for more support of programs as a whole.

This, of course, is controversial in public school settings, where as many as 2 out of 5 students can live under the poverty line–with many more struggling to stay at or above it. In these scenarios, fundraising can be beneficial monetarily and teach the valuable skills of hard work. Arts programs can also provide crucial mental escapes for students who have little ability to see beyond their own worlds.

The Arts uncover and mold the most creative minds into producing goods, services, and new ways of thinking about things. The scope of supporting the arts bleeds into every other industry. Creativity is the driving force behind growth and progress, and can only be strengthened by supporting arts education.

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Featured image: Jeremy Wilburn

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