Holiday Activities For Your Sorority

Earlier this week we published a post on holiday activities for your fraternity, but it only makes sense to include sororities too! Everything we mentioned in the fraternity post such as decorating and caroling is all great ideas, but here’s a few more for your back pocket. 

Nail Painting Night– for a chance for everyone to have festive nails for the holidays! 

Christmas Card Crafts 

Holiday Craft Night- A quick Pinterest search can bring up a long list of ideas for you and your sorority sisters to work on in an evening.  

Philanthropy fundraising- I know it was mentioned in the fraternity post, but I’m writing it again because it’s important! This time of the year can be so hard to make ends meet for everyone, so any extra fundraising that you can do is incredibly helpful. 

What activities does your sorority have planned for this month?