Teachers Aren’t Superheroes

While scrolling social media I came across a static photo of school-aged kids holding up a letter board that said, “Teachers aren’t superheroes.” 

Obviously, this is classic clickbait. I didn’t end up reading the caption, but it got me thinking… If I were writing the caption, it would sound something like this, 

Teachers aren’t superheroes. It’s true, they aren’t. They are living, breathing human beings with thoughts, feelings, to-do lists, and worries just like everyone else. 

We as a society are constantly talking about the superhuman abilities of teachers. And truly, they are incredible and giving human beings. But teachers are people that deserve to be respected and treated like.. Human beings. Not like superheroes. 

We shouldn’t expect them to swoop in and save the day every time a small problem arises. We shouldn’t think that they’ll have all of the answers to every single issue. Those are unrealistic expectations for anyone. 

Teachers are going home at the end of their contracted time and grading papers, putting together art projects, planning field trips, and more for our kids. They are working above and beyond what they are expected to do, and it takes a toll on them. 

So instead of treating them like superheroes, let’s treat them with respect. 

Let’s ask how we can support and help. Let’s ask what supplies we can bring in or how we can give time if it’s within our means. 

Let’s encourage and thank our teachers as much as possible. 

Let’s stop calling teachers superheroes.