Teacher Appreciation Week: Gift Ideas That Teachers Really Want

It’s that time of the year again, teacher appreciation week! You know, the one where they receive a new mug and countless candies that they will never finish? 

We all know that it’s well-meaning and so, so kind of parents and community members to think of teachers! But here is a little guidance (and a free printable!) that might help with gift-giving ideas this teacher appreciation week. 

Courtney Jones (@support_a_teach) on Twitter asked teachers what they really want for teacher appreciation week, it’s interesting to hear what they have to say. The most common answers I saw were handwritten notes from students or parents, gift cards, and classroom supplies. 

Another great way to figure out what teachers want is… to ask! Ask them directly what they want. It can be a little daunting as both the one asking and the one answering, but there are clever ways you can get around this. 

  • If your student is old enough, have them quiz their teacher on favorite drinks, stores, needed classroom supplies, etc.! It’ll be fun detective work for them and it’s a great bonding experience for them. 
  • If your student can write, have them write a little quiz for their teacher to take and send back. If they can’t write yet, write or type it out yourself and send it to school with your student. 
  • Email or text the teacher! This gives them time to think it over and respond. 

When all else fails or resources are thin, taking some time out of your day to write a little note or have your child draw a picture will be more than enough. 

Here is a week of gift ideas with printables you can send with your student to school each day: 

Monday: Target Gift Card: “Thank you for keeping me on TARGET this school year”

Tuesday: Fresh Flowers “Thank you for helping me BLOOM”

Wednesday: Dry Erase Markers “You really help us hit the MARK”

Thursday: Hand Soap “HANDS DOWN the best teacher around”

Friday: Clorox Wipes “You really help us SHINE”

You can send one for each day of the week or just one gift for the whole week. Any and all effort put in will be noticed and appreciated by teachers. 

Printables below are available for FREE download: