Final Book List for 2023

My final number for books read in 2023 came in at 58 books. I always set a goal to read 50 books in a year, so accomplishing 58 felt great! Here is my list of books read. Please note that not all of these books will be appropriate for everyone. Please do your research on whether a book is right for you or not. Please also feel free to comment to ask about any particular book, Iā€™d love to chat about it and give insight.


šŸ‘‚šŸ¼ Audiobook
šŸ“• Physical book
šŸ“˜ eReader

1The Summer I Turned PrettyJenny HanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
2Crying in H MartMichelle ZauneršŸ‘‚šŸ¼
3The Case of the Missing MarquessNancy SpringeršŸ‘‚šŸ¼
4The Hotel NantucketElin HilderbrandšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
5The Last Chance LibraryFreya SampsonšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
6House of GoldNatasha SolomonsšŸ“•
7A Court of Thorns and RosesSarah J. MaasšŸ“•šŸ‘‚šŸ¼
8Hiroshima DiaryMichihiko HachiyašŸ‘‚šŸ¼
9It Ends With UsColleen HooveršŸ‘‚šŸ¼
10Thank You For ListeningJulia WhelanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
11Mad HoneyJodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney BoylanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
12HitchhikersBernard PoduskašŸ“•
13Beach ReadEmily HenryšŸ“•
14A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and MayhemManda CollinsšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
15EdenbrookeJulianne DonaldsonšŸ“•
16The Beach ClubElin HilderbrandšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
17Maybe SomedayColleen HooveršŸ“•
18Maybe NotColleen HooveršŸ“•
19A Corner of the UniverseAnn M. MartinšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
20Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneJ. K. RowlingšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
21The Tattooist of AuschwitzHeather MorrisšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
22It Starts With UsColleen HooveršŸ‘‚šŸ¼
23Maybe NowColleen HooveršŸ“•
24Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJ.K. RowlingšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
25We Were DreamersSimu LiušŸ‘‚šŸ¼
26Tomorrow and Tomorrow and TomorrowGabrielle ZevinšŸ“•
27Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJ. K. RowlingšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
28Enders ShadowOrson Scott CardšŸ“•šŸ‘‚šŸ¼
29We Were LiarsE. LockhartšŸ“•
30The Bookish Life of Nina HillAbbi WaxmanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
31The Revised Fundamentals of CaregivingJohnathan EvisonšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
32Turtles All The Way DownJohn GreenšŸ“˜
33Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireJ. K. RowlingšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
34The UnhoneymoonersChristina LaurenšŸ“•
35Britt Marie Was HereFredrick BackmanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
36Hello BeautifulAnn NapolitanošŸ“•šŸ‘‚šŸ¼
37Beneath a Scarlet SkyMark SullivanšŸ“•
38A Place to Hang the MoonKate AlbusšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
39The Rent CollectorCameron WrightšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
40This is Your Life, Harriet Chance!Johnathan EvisonšŸ“•
41The Last Thing He Told MeLaura DavešŸ“•
42The Ballad of Songbirds and SnakesSuzanne CollinsšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
43Good Man, DaltonKaren McQuestionšŸ“•
44The MeasureNikki ErlickšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
45The Pumpkin Spice CafeLaurie GilmorešŸ“•
46Demon CopperheadBarbara KingsolveršŸ‘‚šŸ¼
47One For the Murphy’sLynda Mullaly HuntšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
48Tokyo Ever AfterEmiko JeanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
49Forever, InterruptedTaylor Jenkins ReidšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
50Tokyo DreamingEmiko JeanšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
51The Mostly Invisible BoyA. J. VanderhorstšŸ“•
52Counting the CostJill DuggaršŸ‘‚šŸ¼
53The Cheat SheetSarah AdamsšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
54The Statistical Probability of Love at First SightJennifer E. SmithšŸ‘‚šŸ¼
55Resting Scrooge FaceMeghan QuinnšŸ“˜
56Little Fires EverywhereCeleste NgšŸ“˜
57A Return to ChristmasChris HeimerringeršŸ“˜
58Found in a BookshopStephanie ButlandšŸ“˜

I cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store for my reading journey! What books would you recommend I add to my reading list for the year?

What is the Pulitzer Prize?

This article is part of a blog series highlighting each book award to learn more about what each of them means. Check out more about this blog series and other posts included here.

The Pulitzer Prize, what is it? There are multiple categories and mediums that one can win a Pulitzer Prize, but in writing specifically, there are prizes for writing pieces of biography, drama, fiction, non-fiction, history, memoir or autobiography, and poetry.Ā 

The Pulitzer Prize started because Joseph Pulitzer, a newspaper publisher, left money to Columbia University in his will to accomplish two goals, create a journalism school, and establish the Pulitzer Prize. In each category, the award focuses on American writers and books about America. For example, a book that wins in the history category for a Pulitzer Prize must be a historically accurate book of the history of the United States. The biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs that win Pulitzer Prizes must be written by American authors.Ā 

So when you pick up a book off the bookshelf and see a Pulitzer Prize medal on the front, what does that mean?Ā 

It means that you are reading a book by an American writer that is exceptional work, above all of the other applicants who sent in their work.Ā 

A few 2023 Pulitzer Prize awards:

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

Trust by Hernan Diaz

Stay True by Hua Hsu