Inspiring Inquiry

This is a list of all my inquiry provocations, each designed to help students inquire, ponder, and question (through October 2018). They are grouped by overarching concept, with favorites in bold.

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PYP Essential Elements & Transdisciplinary Themes

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  • Inquiry Into the 5 Essential Elements of the PYP (includes “The Potter” & “Soar”)
  • Attitudes:
    • Empathy (includes Scarlett & If We Could See Inside Others’ Hearts)
    • Curiosity (includes Mirror, A Short Story of Similar Objects & Pioneering Scientists Journeys 1000m Deep in Antarctica)
    • Commitment (includes Be A Control Freak / Lily Hevesh & Stukenborg)
    • Enthusiasm (includes Piano Guys & Pep Talk from Kid President)
    • Appreciation (includes Noticing the Soundscapes of Yosemite National Park & Last Stop on Market Street)
    • Independence (includes La Luna & Memo)
    • Cooperation (includes OK Go & Head Up)
    • Integrity (includes Alike & Dove Real Beauty Sketches)
    • Tolerance (includes What is Public Life & Charter for Compassion)
    • Respect (includes Respect Mother Nature & Pixar’s Day & Night
  • Learner Profile:
    • Knowledgeable (includes Lisa Winter, Robot Builder & Google Engine Timelapse Page)
    • Caring (includes The Gnomist & “Give a Little Love, Get A Little Love”)
    • Principled (includes Randy Pausch — Live the Right Way & We Found a Hat)
    • Risk-Taker (includes The Courage to Invent: A NASA Roboticist Tells Her Story & Malala’s Magic Pencil)
    • Open-Minded (includes How Often Do You Challenge Your Biases? & The Things Kids Carried)
    • Inquirer (includes A Mini, Magnetic, All-Terrain Robot & Going Fishing Stop Motion)
    • Communicator (includes Obvious to you, Amazing to Others & Ballet Rotoscope)
    • Balanced (includes Mobile & Nugget)
    • Thinker (includes Nature by Numbers & reDesign Skills)
  • Action (includes What Matters to You/Me? & PSA from Patrick Larkin)
  • Skills
    • Communication (includes How Miscommunication Happens & Click Clack Moo)
    • Social (includes Family Rescues Whale Tangled in Net)
    • Thinking (includes Nature by Numbers & reDesign Skills)
    • Research (includes Urban Nature Hunting tips & OK Go Sandbox lessons)
    • Self-Management (includes 3 Ways to Start & Why Incompetent People Think They’re Amazing)
  • Knowledge 

Sustainable Development Goals

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Learner Identities

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Language & Literacy


Digital Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Creativity & Inspiration

Social/Emotional Skills & Sense of Self